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Committed to provider excellence

We’re excited to announce our membership with CASP! The Council of Autism Service Providers supports their members by cultivating, sharing, and advocating for provider best practices in autism services. Together, we are a strong national voice and advocate of quality and evidence-based treatment.

Mealtime + Baby

Mealtime can be a hot topic in any family, but what if it’s your baby who struggles to eat? Speech-Language Pathologists assess and determine the source of a child’s difficulties, then develop a custom treatment plan to help them reach their milestones. We serve kids of all ages from infant on up! Don’t hesitate to get the help they need to thrive. We’re here for you and it starts with a call to 260-373-1050

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at CP+!

Emotional Skills

Occupational therapists work from the inside out to address the difficulties children may face. Learning about emotions and being able to understand how they change in different situations is a valuable skill for kids. OT helps develop self-awareness and social skills (among many others) that help the body and mind work together!

Speech Therapy

Some children have difficulties organizing the sounds we make when talking. “Gliding” is a common speech pattern that typically disappears by age 5. This is when “l” and “r” sounds are substituted for “w” and “y” sounds. Speech therapy helps correct this phonological process, and much more!

What to bring to your tour

What to bring to your tour:
If possible, having the following information is very helpful during a first meeting to ensure we provide you with the most accurate information. Depending on what you have available, recommendations can be made to acquire needed items.

1. Insurance Cards, including Primary and Secondary Policies. Include any insurance that may be available to your child, such as additional parent and step-parent policies. Benefits vary greatly!
2. Copies of any grants your child may have
3. Diagnostic reports
4. Previous treatment plans, if applicable
5. Referrals, if you have any (may or may not be required, depending on insurance)
6. Lots of questions. We like these!

Click the link to schedule your tour!


Play based Occupational Therapy

Feed the frog! Just one of the many games we utilize during Occupational Therapy to work on things like bilateral coordination (using both sides of the body together). Children who appear clumsy, drop things often or primarily use one hand in activities may need help with their bilateral coordination. Questions? Allow our team of professionals to guide you to the next step:

Your February news is here!

Read about what’s happening at CP+:

We love to educate our families! We have an ever-growing resource page

that is full of articles related to the nature of ABA, help in advocacy, insurance changes and issues, and many more. Read all you want, then pop over to the ‘Contact Us’ page and ask a question. We are here for you!

Occupational Therapy at CP+ means engaging our patients in play-based activities that address their goals while having FUN!

Playing with shaving cream is a great activity to try at home, too! When using two hands we engage both sides of our brain and work on core muscles, shoulders and arm strength.

Make time to read together!

Our Speech team encourages parents to engage their children in activities like reading and games where they can participate in communicating WITH you. Choose a favorite story and say some of the words together!

Communication every step of the way is standard practice here at CP+

Parent Meetings are your place to come and discuss your child’s progress one-on-one with their provider.

We’re here to help you better understand and identify their needs so we can work together for the best possible outcomes.

Occupational Therapy

A persons occupation is anything that they do in a day, everything from sleep to making food and being able to eat it.

One of a child’s occupations is play! Here at Child’s Play Plus our Occupational Therapy providers take a play-based approach with patients! Kids feel like they’re just having fun while we work on their goals.

“Kids are always happy to see me because they get to create obstacle courses and crafts, engage in imaginative play, and try various sensory activities! We get to have fun together while we are meeting goals!” – Monica Phillips, M.S., OTRL | Occupational Therapist at Child’s Play Plus

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Life Skills

Being able to feed yourself is a life skill that everyone should master. Our ABA kiddos get to work on that everyday in our kitchens. Step-by-step they learn how to prepare their own lunch… and boy does it smell good!

#childsplayplus #lifeskills #lunchtime #independence

You’re invited to tour

As the area’s trusted resource for pediatric therapy, we would like to invite you to tour our facilities! We have 3 convenient locations in NE Indiana to serve our community.

Click the link to see more information regarding our process, what to expect, things to bring and to schedule your tour! It’s easy! Help is just a click away.

#childsplayplus #tour #gettingstarted

Welcome Brandi!

Welcome Brandi! She comes to us with 20 years of experience as an Early Childhood professional. As our Clinical Assistant, she will be your go-to person for scheduling appointments with our Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy providers!

“I feel so blessed to be a part of the Child’s Play Plus team at Jefferson Park. I look forward to working with families just like yours to set children up for growth and success in their future.”

We like to have fun AND celebrate our success at CP+!

Our staff earned a clinic-wide celebratory breakfast and pajama day!

We would like to welcome Rachael to the Glenbrook team as Clinical Care Manager!


We would like to welcome Rachael to the Glenbrook team as Clinical Care Manager!

Many of you know her from Huntington where she served as Training Coordinator & SCM Instructor. At Glenbrook, she will work alongside this location’s Clinical Consultant on behavior analysis caseload, as well as serving as the head of various services & insurance coordination, staffing, facilities, patient and family needs.

“I am excited to serve as the Clinical Care Manager at the Glenbrook location. I look forward to partnering with staff and families to provide the very best care for our patients.” – Rachael

Would you be interested in attending a sensory friendly movie at AMC theatre – Jefferson Pointe?

We’ve created an interest poll and would appreciate your input:

Happy New Year!

Your January news is in 📬

During these last few moments of 2020 we want to reflect back on the positive!

Let’s celebrate all of the milestones our kiddos have reached, the dedication shown by our staff and the overall love and support shown by all. To our CP+ families, thank you for allowing us to serve your children.

We wish you all the very best for 2021 and beyond!

Christmas Craft

Let’s make paper snowflakes! You can use any kind of paper, for ours we used coffee filters, which are easy to fold and already come in a circle shape! These are really fun to do, and they also work on our motor skills

We would like to welcome Laci to the Jefferson Park team as Clinical Care Manager!

Many of you know her from Huntington where she served as Clinical Consultant. At Jefferson Park, she will work alongside this location’s Clinical Consultant on behavior analysis caseload, as well as serving as the head of various services & insurance coordination, staffing, facilities, patient and family needs.

“I am excited to have this amazing opportunity to work with and support the patients, families, and staff of our Jefferson Park location. As a Clinical Care Manager, I will be an additional support during the transition into ABA services as well as once services have begun. I look forward to working closely with everyone involved in the care of our patients to continue providing the high-quality services that Child’s Play Plus is known for.” – Laci

Holiday music is not always for everybody…

and that’s okay! Be mindful of your child’s limit when it comes to sound. If it helps, bring along their own headphones so they can listen to their favorite music or story as you shop or mingle this season!

CP+ is helping kids of all ages and abilities to overcome their obstacles!

We’re not exclusively an autism center anymore… we’ve grown to expand our services to help ALL kids in the areas of Speech, Occupational Therapy (Rehabilitative Care) along with our ABA team that is second to none.

We love meeting new families and helping them get started – be sure to bring your questions. 🙂 Our process is simple and it starts with a quick visit to our website:

Come and see for yourself how we play, learn and grow… at Child’s Play Plus!

We’re decking the halls at CP+!

Check out the cool ornaments our kiddos have made!

Thank you for all of your generous donations to Toys for Tots!

The box is FULL

Tomorrow is our Parent’s Shopping Day Out!

If you’re looking for some gift ideas, check out our Holiday Gift Guide! We asked our providers from the ABA, OT and Speech teams for their top picks in toys. CP+ tested. Kid approved.

Happy December!

Read on for your CP+ news:

Today is Giving Tuesday

What better way to give than to donate a toy to a child in need this Christmas!

We are an official Toys for Toys donation site helping to collect donations of new, unwrapped toys (ages 0-14) now through Monday, December 7. The donation box is located right inside our lobby door at Jefferson Park; 7230 Engle Road, Suite 102, Fort Wayne, IN 46804.

Today is the last day to submit your order for the CP+ Cozy Collection!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re thankful for each and every one of YOU!

The Cozy Collection is going on now through Cyber Monday! Shop the coziest gear, like our favorite shown here: Boxercraft Sherpa jacket!

The Cozy Collection is back! ❤️ Shop the collection now through November 30!

View our Holiday Gift Guide

In this guide, we hope you’ll find the inspiration for the perfect gift. We asked our providers from the ABA, OT and the Speech teams for their top picks in toys!

CP+ tested. Kid approved.

Storytime at CP+!

Our ABA kiddos gather ‘round to practice social skills, work on listening and following directions during our interactive storytime.

We’re honoring our nations Veterans today.

Thank you for your service.

CP+ Families!

Don’t forget to sign up for the Holiday Family Portraits by this coming Monday, November 9 to participate. See reception for details!

Kudos for Kids!

Great job: “Spontaneously cleaning up water spill with towel.” We recognize the little wins because they all add up!

Happy November!

Read about the latest news and all of the fun events we have planned!

OT vs. PT:

Occupational Therapy helps improve motor skills to maximize your child’s ability to do daily activities, while Physical Therapy helps to restore movement and strength where there is pain. Both are rehabilitative care!

At CP+ we help kids across the board! We can help your child overcome their obstacles with a built-for-them treatment plan that changes as they meet their goals. Connect with us for your initial consultation and begin OT services in as little as 2 weeks!*

Trick-or-treat lanyards are available at your clinic

– just ask reception!

CP+ Families:

Sign-up for the Holiday Family Portraits is here now through November 9! We hope you’ll join us for this special event at Jefferson Park: Saturday, November 14! ⛄️
See reception to sign up and/or details! Time slots to be assigned the week of.

Today is National Day of Writing

Did you know that Occupational Therapy helps kids build strength from the center of the body to outer body parts? Your extremities can’t work properly if your core, back, and shoulders are too weak. We build our muscles in the center of the body to help the arms which help the hands and fingers do what they are meant to do!

Our Speech team has expanded!

Michelle is currently accepting new patients

We love our kids!

Check out one of our Kudos from the ABA Team: “Independently selecting seasonally appropriate clothes!”

CP+ Success Story!

We got to see one of our former ABA patients yesterday and learned that he is now living on his own, driving his own car, holding a job and is all around successful! He’s still the “kid” we knew and loved but has come so far! We’re so proud of you.

Taking little breaks with proprioceptive input (heavy work) can help reduce the wiggles for your child!

Play a passing game, like hot potato, with a heavy stuffed animal or ball.

Elevating the standards of clinical care has been a passion of ours since our founding.

We wanted a place where patients of all levels of need, along with their families, could come to seek exceptional outcomes. As a multidisciplinary pediatric therapy center we offer an integrated approach. Our providers work directly with each other on integrated treatment plans and goal setting. At Child’s Play Plus, better care is just the beginning! Come see for yourself how we play, learn and grow.

There’s a lot happening at CP+!

Read on about the latest news and all of the fun events we have planned for October! 🎃

Our Occupational Therapy intern, Alex Springer, OTDS

working with a patient as she completes her second Level II field with us!
“I am excited to work will all the kiddos at Child’s Play Plus this fall alongside Monica and Heidi to increase my skills as a future Occupational Therapist.”

Accepting new patients for Speech!

While early intervention is advised, our clinics help children of all ages overcome their obstacles. Learn more about our Speech therapy services here:

Having autism doesn’t mean your child can’t achieve great things

– it just means that the journey to get there looks a little different. And that’s okay. You’re not alone! Call us today to set up your initial consultation 260-373-1050

“I feel incredibly blessed by my child’s support team.”

“I pinch myself everyday when I think about how lucky we are to have found Child’s Play. My child is loved, supported, and encouraged every step of the way, and it shows – he is thriving!” – Caregiver Review, Online

“Knocking before entering classroom.”

Kudos for Kids is all about sharing the little wins, the good day or a new goal reached. We share it on the board so we can celebrate our success stories together!

Occupational Therapy can help in SO many ways!

One tip we have for you to try at home to help reduce “the wiggles” is to do a bear hug! Have your child wrap their arms around their chest or knees and give a big, firm hug.

Allow us to answer your questions one on one!

Set up your initial consultation and tour one of our three clinics

Remembering and honoring our country’s heroes today.

Did you know that Speech therapy can help kids who may have trouble understanding and following directions?

We’re here for you! Connect with us to learn more about our program!

Last call!

The CP+ Fall Collection closes tomorrow (September 4):

Your September CP+ News is here!

Important information and upcoming events that you don’t want to miss:

Step by step we make progress toward our goals!

Today’s kudos is celebrating: “Spontaneously grabbing the items needed to brush his teeth from his bin in the bathroom upon entering and tacting “It’s time to brush our teeth!”

School is in session

If your child is experiencing some difficulties with things like paying attention, regulating emotions, holding a pencil or book… occupational therapy can help. OT is so much more than you may think! Even if you’re unsure… please ask! Connect with us to learn more about our programs!

FREE car decal with $20 purchase.

Or just $3 in the shop! Use promo code: DECAL at checkout. 🛒

Shop the CP+ Fall Collection now through Friday, September 4:…/cp-fall-collection

The CP+ Fall Collection is here!

We’re ready for light weight zips (perfect for layering), french terry hoodies, super soft tees, joggers (yes, they’re back!), beanies and all new campfire mugs! Just in time for Fall. 🍂🍁

Order now through Friday, September 4:

“They are amazing!!”

“So happy that there is a place for my daughter to go and be challenged to meet her potential!!” – Caregiver Review, Online

Did you know that both the tour of our center and initial consultation are free to prospective families?

We’re here for you. Don’t hesitate to make that first visit. Follow the link and we handle the rest!

Kudos for Kids!

We’re seeing a lot of success stories from our ABA team like: “Spontaneously taking turns on rolling slide and engaging in social play.”

Today is a good day for a good day

Have a great weekend everybody!

Parent’s Night Out is back!

Reminder to sign up by this Friday (8/14) to participate.

We’re having fun AND improving skills

like gross motor development, peer interaction and emotional regulation during our Music in Motion with OT sessions. Did you know that research supports that adding music with motor activities to a child’s day improves auditory-motor skills and social communication? It’s true! And the best part? It’s FUN!

Speech Therapy

Now enrolling kids for Fall! Message us for more info and how to get started.

He has autism.

You have hope. Learn how we can help your family – Call 260-373-1050 or connect with us online: Now accepting new patients at our Glenbrook location!

Check out what’s new at CP+ for August: #childsplayplus

Don’t miss the CP+ Penguin Smile Station

on your way through the zoo and tag your photos

Love where you go everyday!

Welcoming new patients to our Occupational Therapy program at Jefferson Park!

We offer a convenient and inviting place for families to come and seek exceptional outcomes.

Little things, like holding your hand, can make all the difference in the world.

Occupational Therapy helps kids at all levels of need reach their goals.

We can totally do in-person Parent Meetings now…

if you want 😊 Call 260-373-1050

Have you been to Storytime at the Zoo?

Check it out tonight at 6:00 pm in the Australian Adventure courtyard!

“What you do today can improve all of your tomorrows.”

Happy 4th of July!

We hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend

The July Parent Newsletter is here!

Read about what’s new at CP+! #childsplayplus

Looking for a cool craft for the 4th of July?

Patriotic Windsocks are fun to make and fun to watch!

“A little progress each day adds up to big results.”

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there!

We hope you enjoy your day!

Now is a great time to come and see what Child’s Play Plus is all about!

We’d like to welcome you to take a personal tour of any of our 3 convenient locations. Speak one-on-one with our professional staff and take the next step for your child’s therapy needs. We’re here for you! Schedule your visit with us:

We love our staff and families and wanted to send our thanks for being a part of the CP+ family!

We “hope” you enjoy

Storytime at the @fwkidszoo!

We’re sponsoring the storytime sessions held in the Australian Adventure courtyard every Tuesday and Wednesday at 6:00 pm for the rest of June through July. Be sure to get your CP+ bookmark for your kiddo to color!

Get to know us!

At Child’s Play, we pride ourselves on clinical excellence. When you visit you’ll find the finest clinical staff and their support teams intervening on everything from early learning, problem behavior reduction and replacement (including severe aggression and self-harm), family education, social programs, occupational therapy, speech therapy, diagnostics and family support counseling.


One of our kiddos can now successfully write their letters thanks to occupational therapy! At first there was no attempt to write their name. Now we see an enthusiastic child eager to show us they can do it!

Thank you to all who ordered items from the CP+ Spring Collection!

We’ll notify you when your items are ready for pick-up at the clinics. We can’t wait to see everyone in the new Be You t-shirt!

NOW ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS for Occupational Therapy services!

Our OT program is available at our Jefferson Park location in suite 201. Call 260-373-1050 to get your child set up for an evaluation with our Occupational Therapist! Don’t hesitate to join the Child’s Play Plus families seeing results.

NOW ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS for Occupational Therapy services!

Our OT program is available at our Jefferson Park location in suite 201. Call 260-373-1050 to get your child set up for an evaluation with our Occupational Therapist! Don’t hesitate to join the Child’s Play Plus families seeing results.


One of our kiddos has gained overall body strength, balance and endurance to increase the necessary muscle control in the hands thanks to occupational therapy! Take a look at how a few short months can impact your child’s life. In February, the crayon was gripped as a fist and it was difficult to control where the marks were being made on the page. Now look at the page from May… proper hold on the crayon and the strength to make careful marks. We’re so proud of their hard work!

The June Parent Newsletter is here!

Read about what’s new at CP+! #childsplayplus

Hope begins here.

If you’re considering therapy services for your child we’re here to help! We will guide you every step of the way. Give us a call or contact us online! 260-373-1050


One of our kiddos is back on their bike thanks to occupational therapy! 

Happy Memorial Day!

Today we remember and honor all those who have served our country.

Looking for something fun to do outside?

Sidewalk chalk is fun at any age! Draw, write, make a race track or obstacle course! Have one of your own? Share your creations!